About Us

With over 25 years of cleaning and maintenance experience in the Triad we realized there was a strong need for a service that could assist owners, property managers and maintenance personnel to perform their jobs more efficiently. This idea was not new or revolutionary. In our experience we had never seen it executed effectively. The problem was you may have one service that could paint well and do odd jobs but knew nothing about repairing an HVAC system.  In a different scenario, another vendor may do excellent Housekeeping services and provide carpet cleaning but you weren’t satisfied with the latter. This is when the concept of TruTech was born. After exhaustive coordination of our business model, TruTech put together a team that could do everything well. There was no longer a weak link in the chain. One partner used his 20 years of cleaning, water damage and repair experience, while the other provided his property maintenance leadership and background to bring together what property managers and owners have been looking for. One company with one call to provide turnkey cleaning and maintenance solutions for their properties.

Thank you taking the time to explore TruTech.

TruTech Property Services is a full-service team tailored for individual projects or servicing multi-family communities to provide you turn key services. We work with your staff to maximize your time and eliminate the challenges of scheduling several different vendors. Our reliability will result in your needs being met quickly. From carpet and overall cleaning to painting, handyman work and construction services, we finish our work orders on time and within budget to keep your property or community working efficiently.

TruTech will assist you in maintaining your existing residents, as well as attracting new ones.

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